Do not forget where you come from to know where you are going.

The past relates to the present and creates the future.


“Craftsmen´s Guild Krikragaa”

– Non-profit organization is managing project activities in Klaipėda and its district. “Krikragaa” is open to innovations and collaborative projects.

– The members of the organization are artists, craftsmen and persons congenial to “Krikragaa” goals.


  1. To broaden our knowledge of ethno culture and the arts, to adapt it to the needs of today’s society.
  2. Bring together community and create traditions.
  3. International cooperation in the field of culture, focusing on cultural similarities and differences to reach a better understanting and deeper experience


  1. CECHAS – Headquarters / workplace.
  2. Organize festivals, camps, festivals, exhibitions, open workshops, training.
  3. Organize profesional symposiums and lectures.
  4. Cooperate with foreign communities, artists and craftsmen.
  5. Raise the craftsmen guild “Krikragaa” States’ competence.
  6. Encourage other nations of the world of traditional cultures.
  7. Develop public understanding of ethno culture and art.


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