End of day 2

Great weather and great mood. A team of new volunteers arrived from Klaipėda today and there you go – construction of the grass-snake started.


The snake and the grass-snake are earthly life symbols. This meaning of these reptiles is recorded in many cultures.

Sometimes, the snake and the grass-snake could be used as adequate concepts, also in terms of their relation with life.

However, relation with birth, that is, the feminine side, is more typical of the snake. The grass-snake is associated with fertility, starting a life, that is, the male functions. It is no coincidence that the word ‘snake’ is feminine gender and the ‘grass-snake’ is masculine gender in Lithuanian.

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Second afternoon

Hard but interesting work with fire sculptures. New succsess after every little mistake, and we are moving forwards. By the way, we have few more people joined us. Now it’s already 17 of us!

drevernos-rudens-lyge-062 drevernos-rudens-lyge-063 drevernos-rudens-lyge-064 drevernos-rudens-lyge-065 drevernos-rudens-lyge-066 drevernos-rudens-lyge-067 drevernos-rudens-lyge-068 drevernos-rudens-lyge-069 drevernos-rudens-lyge-070 drevernos-rudens-lyge-071 drevernos-rudens-lyge-072 drevernos-rudens-lyge-073 drevernos-rudens-lyge-074 drevernos-rudens-lyge-075 drevernos-rudens-lyge-076 drevernos-rudens-lyge-077 drevernos-rudens-lyge-078 drevernos-rudens-lyge-079 drevernos-rudens-lyge-080 drevernos-rudens-lyge-081 drevernos-rudens-lyge-082 drevernos-rudens-lyge-083 drevernos-rudens-lyge-084 drevernos-rudens-lyge-085 drevernos-rudens-lyge-086 drevernos-rudens-lyge-087 drevernos-rudens-lyge-088 drevernos-rudens-lyge-089 drevernos-rudens-lyge-090

End of first day

Today’s task is finished. We set up the camp, the kitchen and the workplace. Began to build the first sculpture.

We are looking forwards to build the first sculpture tomorrow.


drevernos-rudens-lyge-045 drevernos-rudens-lyge-046 drevernos-rudens-lyge-047 drevernos-rudens-lyge-048 drevernos-rudens-lyge-049 drevernos-rudens-lyge-050 drevernos-rudens-lyge-052 drevernos-rudens-lyge-053 drevernos-rudens-lyge-054

Reeds Collection

This afternoon we went to take the reeds for the fire scupltures. There we had a fun time. We met Greta Šerpibienė. We want to give thanks to Greta Šerpibienė, Nerijus Galvanauskas for giving us reeds and to Martynas Klevinis for borrowing his van.

drevernos-rudens-lyge-033 drevernos-rudens-lyge-034 drevernos-rudens-lyge-035 drevernos-rudens-lyge-036 drevernos-rudens-lyge-037 drevernos-rudens-lyge-038 drevernos-rudens-lyge-039 drevernos-rudens-lyge-040 drevernos-rudens-lyge-041 drevernos-rudens-lyge-042 drevernos-rudens-lyge-043 drevernos-rudens-lyge-044