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Come and join us at Drevernos Rudens Lygė 2017

Tomorrow we celebrate the end of summer and we welcome the autumn! Don’t miss it!

Summary of day 7

Today was one of those four-seasons-in-one-day days, but we continued working, of course. The goals is close, so we are moving on with increasingly greater enthusiasm. Kids from Dreverna kindergarten visited us today. Povilas gave them a sculpture shaped like a golden spiral as a present. Also, we had a new addition to the team: artisan Benedict from Germany and photographer Geraldine from Belgium.

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Summary of day 6

Today, work moved on by a hundred miles. The sculptures continue going upwards and have a more finished look. The mood of the creators is going up like a thermometer tube when the temperature rises. We had sun, rain and drizzle. Some of the tools broke, some had minor failures, but work didn’t stop. We are moving forward!

drevernos-ruden-lyge-187 drevernos-ruden-lyge-188 drevernos-ruden-lyge-189 drevernos-ruden-lyge-190 drevernos-ruden-lyge-191 drevernos-ruden-lyge-192 drevernos-ruden-lyge-193 drevernos-ruden-lyge-194 drevernos-ruden-lyge-195 drevernos-ruden-lyge-196 drevernos-ruden-lyge-198 drevernos-ruden-lyge-199 drevernos-ruden-lyge-200 drevernos-ruden-lyge-201

Summary of day 5

The light shower in the first part of the day did not reduce our enthusiasm to work. The goats protecting the gate have fur now and the tree of life continues to grow. The seed that gives life to the tree is almost finished as well.



The image of the goat is inseparable from fertility in the old Baltic faith. Hence the relation of the goat with Perkūnas and other ancient Baltic gods embodying these qualities. The goat is by far an animal the most sacrificed to gods (especially Prussian ones). Traces of its sacrifice ceremony can be found in religions, customs, folklore and even dream interpretations of the 18th-20th century. For example, a skull of the goat on a pole next to a farmstead was supposed to guarantee rich harvest, fertility and protection from disease or the evil eye. In various mythologies and religious systems the ascending life line is especially emphasised: from birth to the highest maturity, flowering and fruit. And thus, year after year, generation after generation. In agricultural culture, the circle of life is the most obviously illustrated by the world of plants (as well as animals).

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