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Impressive Autumnal Equinox Transformations in Dreverna

On 23 September, Klaipėda district Craftsmen’s Guild Krikragaa and an international team of volunteers will invite to celebrate the autumnal equinox in Dreverna for the fifth time. The main goal of the event is to mark the beginning of astronomical autumn and to stop for a moment at the point of autumnal equinox.

Dreverna festivity programme links culture and art, boldly combines elements of traditional folklore, theatrical acts, film and animation screenings, modern installations and exhibitions. Every year, the creative members of the guild come up with new, exciting elements of content that make the event unique.

This year, organisers will invite to step through the gates of the last summer sunshine to Dreverna small boat harbour for the culmination of the celebration. Guests will be able to join the ceremony and re-experience transformations of this period in a new space. The programme will be crowned by the burning of fire sculptures, followed by a night of traditional dance.

Craftsmen’s Guild Krikragaa is a non-profit organisation, a team of young enthusiasts, implementing projects in Klaipėda and Klaipėda district. It promotes ethnic culture and arts, as well as seeks to adapt them to the needs of modern society. The association is open to innovations and joint projects.

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