16.30 Opening of Roma Kačinskaitė’s exhibition Journalism through Painting and Sketches

The works of the exhibition will feature the moments from the international creative ethnoinstallation and fire sculpture camp, the process of creation of art objects, the moods and characters of camp participants and nature as seen and felt by the author.


16.30 Opening of photo exhibition Fire Sculptures

A photo exhibition of fire sculpture creators encompassing their work of several years. An exposition of 11 fire sculptures created for various events and festivals in Lithuania.


17.00 Opening of Dreverna autumnal equinox fresco Equation (author Shepa)

During the international creative ethnoinstallation and fire sculpture camp, artist Edvardas Šeputis (SHEPA) will create and leave something new and unseen to Dreverna: a graffiti-style fresco called Equation (LYGTIS).


17.30 Meeting with the crew of feature film Sistema

You will be able to meet the crew of the new film, watch a retrospective of previous films, as well as the making-of of Sistema (System) and its trailer. The team invites everyone to get acquainted with the magical world of cinema!


20.00 Noisy procession to the small boat harbour

A symbolic farewell to sacrificial Dreverna goat with a ritualistic procession from Dreverna House of Culture to the small boat harbour. For the fifth consecutive year, the festive procession will be accompanied by the thunder of drums and bagpipe melodies, rippling towards the lagoon.


22.00 Dance night / 6th season opening of Klaipėda Traditional Dance Club

Klaipėda Traditional Dance Club (KTDC) and Dreverna House of Culture continue their tradition to start the autumnal equinox and the new season of the dance club with a night of traditional dances. The autumnal equinox dance night in Dreverna is the only place in the region of Lithuania Minor where one can dance all night long during the period of nature transformation, as well as meet like-minded people: dancers, musicians and friends from all over Lithuania and abroad.




19.00 Apeironas Theatre tells horror fairy tales

Lithuanian folk horror fairy tales (šiurpės). Need we say more?!

Possibly only that there will be no cradle, white gowns or oil lamps, because Apeironas Theatre lives in the present. Therefore, it invites modern people to remember their childhood or to compensate for the lack thereof. ŠIURPĖS are intended for adults, but insomniac children can have a listen too. Horror fairy tales told by Kristina Švenčionytė, Greta Kazlauskaitė, Eglė Kazickaitė.




20.30 Fiery Transformations of Equinox

Between 15 and 23 September artists and volunteers gather for the creative ethnoinstallation and fire sculpture camp. On the last night of the camp, the results of joint efforts will create a fascinating atmosphere of fire, music, nature and space. Spectators will get to see yet another interpretation of an old ritual. A visual, musical, expressive spectacle, involving in the game with the forces of nature.


21.30 Film and animation programme 2017 (Café Elingas)

A dose of moving images for visitors of Dreverna autumnal equinox. The programme will feature a fresh selection of films and animation from Lithuanian and world’s creators. The aim of the screening is to tell viewers that Lithuanian art can really match global masterpieces of film and animation. Programme supervised and compiled by Pijus Čeikauskas.


* You will be able to sail by boat on the Curonian Lagoon all day (paid)
* Photo exhibition Fiery Transformations of Equinox (Café Elingas)