2017 international creative ethno installation / sculpture camp in Dreverna

For the fifth consecutive year, the camp of the Craftsmen’s Guild Krikragaa will gather artists from Lithuania, Spain, Germany, UK, and Belgium, who will work on Equinox Fire Mystery installation for 9 days together with volunteers. The installation will be burned during the Dreverna Autumn Equinox festival.

This year, the camp will start on September 14 and will take place until the day of the event, i.e. September 23.

The campers will stay on the premises of Dreverna Basic School and work will take place on the territory of the new port.

Volunteers and participants will prepare their own food, but local cooks will help out every now and then too.

You should bring a sleeping bag, a mat, an umbrella, warm clothes, your own bowl and cup, spoon and fork.

Registration required.
Contacts: +370 652 141 56
+370 655 76748
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