Drevernos Rudens Lygė 2016

So, the international project Drevernos Rudens Lygė is over! Eight-day result of artist and volunteer camp – the autumn fire transitions – burned to the ground. Sculpture artists from Lithuania, Spain and Germany created a 20-metre-long and 8-metre-high sculpture installation. Performers from dance clubs of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus also took part in the project by playing at the traditional dance night. The mood of the spectators and their number make us think that the work was not in vain and that the event was successful. We sincerely thank Krikragaa team, which unconditionally stuck together, a big thank you also goes out to Dreverna House of Culture for cooperation, as well as to Priekulė elderate for transportation and support and to Priekulė open youth space Rezonansas for their hands and work, and, of course, to our media team for capturing the moments and promoting the event. We would also like to thank local entrepreneurs, who donated materials, and local residents, without whom this event would not have been so warm and sometimes even hot.

Moments from the event.

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